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Please send the names of our fallen shipmates to bobmccauley2@cox.net for inclusion on the Honor Roll page.  If at all possible also provide the following information along with the name: Rank/Rate while attached to the squadron and the tour dates and when the person passed away.  Also if the individual passed while on active duty please indicate where if other than in VX/VXE-6 

PRCM Joe Hollern

VXE-6 1986

Founder of Puckered Penguins Reunion 

Passed away April 22, 2018

ADCS (NAC) Jim Landy

LC-130 F/E

VXE-6:  1970-1974, 1977-1981

Passed Away:  22 Nov 2012


AZ1 (AW/SW) Stephen J. McDermott

VXE-6:  1997-1999

Passed Away:  21 Feb 2013

AFCM (NAC) Jim Eblen

LC-130 F/E

VX-6  Winter over

Passed away 6 June 2016


LC-130 F/E 318

VX-6 QP 1967-1970

Passed away Feb 23, 2014

LCDR Earl 'BUZ" Dryfoose Jr

R5D & 1st Navy C-130 Aviator

5 seasons Summer Support

Passed away December 22, 2016